Tuesday, June 13, 2006

infertile and hoping.

My story in a nutshell:
I seriously can't tell you how long we've been trying to get pregnant because Husband and I first tried the we'll-be-cavalier-and-it'll-just-happen approach. At some point, though, we realized: "Hey, this isn't working. Shouldn't I be pregnant by now?!" So that started an era of drug store ovulation kits (for me, not him), briefs to boxers (for him, not me), and no more hot tubbing (for him, for me). To no avail. Womb still empty.
Then there was the day that I found out that fertility specialists = reproductive endocrinologists (really - no one knows what a reproductive endocrinologist does until they need one. Ask any Fertile what a reproductive endocrinologist does and she won't have a clue). We found a not-so-conveniently located (sigh) reproductive endocrinologist group that we, fortunately, LOVE. After all the diagnostics, they found nothing wrong with me. As for Husband's department, not only was there nothing wrong with him but that he was in fact, "very very virile". (we were happy to hear it wasn't him, but I realized that day that it was me).
The clinic started me on clomid right away and we did our first IUI in May. Didn't take. I just had my second IUI on June 5 (last Monday). Unfortunately, I'm already getting some pms symptoms so I know this one didn't take either. Very frustrating. But the interesting thing is at this last CD12 ultrasound, they noticed a polyp in my uterus and the doctor said that this may be the reason I haven't gotten pregnant. She said that if I didn't get pregnant this time around that we should look into it. I'm hoping that the polyp is the reason and that we can finally get pregnant. (When you're infertile, it seems like you're always hoping.)
I've been an infertility blog reader for awhile now, and there seems to be a rash of you who have gotten pregnant recently! That's so great! I'm hoping it will be me soon so that i can write about pregnancy symptoms, too. Until then...I'll be here...infertile...and hoping.


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