Saturday, July 15, 2006

coming up for air

My brain is complete and utter jello- so much so that I really can't write a coherent post right now to save my life. That is definitely not good since 2/3 of the bar exam is WRITING essays. Oh well.

So, I had my positive ovulation test last Friday and my 3rd IUI on Saturday. I'm on CD24 right now (my cycle lasts 31 days) and I don't have any pregnancy symptoms yet. Would I have them already if the IUI worked?

I guess the good news is that I don't have any PMS symptoms either and for me, those symptoms can rear their ugly heads as early as CD24. But then again, because this bar exam is so damn stressful, it could mean that my cycle is way off.

The only good thing about this exam is that my days are consumed studying for it, so the two week wait until I can take an ept hasn't been as excruciating. Oh, hey, I guess that's another good thing about this exam...I can actually spell excruciating now.

Anyway, I'll hope I'll have some time to post before the bar exam (which is during the last week of July). If I can't, I'll see y'all after the bar ;)


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good luck on both tests!!!

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