Tuesday, October 31, 2006

if only the monsters came out just on halloween

This is me trying to get my life back from that Dreaded Infertility Monster.

Unfortunately, I'm losing.

CD1 was yesterday, so here we go with another round of blood tests, ultrasounds, injectables, IUIs, waiting, hoping, EPTs, [and hopefully not this time] disappointment...

And in the last week or so things have heated up here at work so that I will be working long hours almost every day in November. And no one here knows that I'm going through infertility treatments, so I'm going to have to come up with some pretty creative excuses to be away from the office. Good times.

Still grateful for some things though.

Ok, but now it's time for me to rant.

Damn you, Infertility... Life was crazy enough with work and jury duty (oh yeah i have to appear for jury duty in November, too...ain't that a kick in the pants?), but now I have to worry about squeezing in blood tests, ultrasounds, injectables, and IUIs. Oh, and with the holidays coming up, we can't plan any vacations because I need to remain tethered to my clinic, but yet you are making me use up all my vacation days just the same. What kind of sick bastard are you?!?!

Oh well, Happy Halloween everyone! I hope no one answers the door and finds anything as scary as the Infertility Monster. (But if my Infertility Monster has the balls to knock on my door tonight or any night, I'm breaking its ankles and making it go to jury duty in my place. That will have him screaming uncle).


Blogger theoneliner said...

if i was at your house when the IF monster knocked, i'd hold him for you while you punched him.

sorry about all the appts. hopefully, you work with all men and can mumble something about girl problems. that works for me. just like 7th grade gym.

two quick ways out of ju.ry duty:

crimi.nal= "well, i could NEVER judge someone" in a soft-spoken reverent way. (the state will strike you very, very fast)

civil= "well, i think tort refo.rm is long overdue"

good luck. sorry IF is what is=sucky.

3:21 PM  

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