Monday, December 11, 2006

sleepless nights

During the day, I know I can take on Smarshy's monsters.
In the dead of night, though...different story...

Thanks everyone for your kind words after my last post! Still haven't had my U/S so I don't know what to make of my [lack of] symptoms. But like I said, sometimes, I feel like I can take on ALL the monsters. On those days, I feel like screaming, "I DESERVE to be pregnant. DON'T get in my way, IF Monster, because I am hormonal and would like nothing better than to squeeze your furry little face like a zit."
Other times, I try to make like nothing has changed so as not to tip off the IF Monster that he may have failed his only mission in life. On those days, I tiptoe around -- quiet as a church mouse -- getting him cold beer, making sure his dinner is ready on time, trying not to make any waves. Geesh, I sound like an abused IF-er
I wonder if there is a battered-IFer defense. Because I can totally make it look like self-defense, man.


Blogger susan said...

I say just wage serious doom on the IF Monster!!! Take him to the mat!! He's not winnging this one...

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, IF Monster!!

6:38 AM  

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