Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I wanted to post sooner, but I have a lot of year-end CRAP to deal with at work. Ack.

We had our first ultrasound!!! One gestational sac and a beating heart. I know it's still early and I haven't won the war, but at least seeing the heartbeat is one battle won! I was feeling strong enough that I was actually able to beat my IF Monster at arm wrestling!

Still wearing worry as a backpack though.

And Smarshy's, Gil's, and Angie's IF Monsters are assholes. I'm so sorry. If I could really send your IF Monsters into oblivion via a VERY explosive canon, I would without a moment's hesitation. But I guess all I can do is give you hugs through the computer.

I really hate all our monsters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course my IF monster is green. He knows it's my favorite color, and a couple rooms in my house are painted green, so he can stand up against the wall and be virtually invisible. Smart bugger.

I have to say, I feel a bit like a movie star, having my name and my own IF monster in one of your pictures.

Hearing the heartbeat is more than a battle won, it's an entire CAMPAIGN won! Congratulations! I'll never forget that sound with the buggins. It's amazing.

5:39 AM  
Blogger susan said...

I'm doing back flips over here for you!!! This is wonderful news. I hope you are able to foget the worry for a little while. A heartbeat has got to be the very coolest thing ever........


6:23 AM  
Blogger Gil said...

What stupendous news about knowing that there is not only a gestational sac but ALSO a heartbeat! Smarshy had it right... you won the campaign sweetie! YAY! I'm so happy for you. I know the backpack will be with you for awhile, but it will get lighter and lighter and one day.... POOF! It'll be gone!

*fluffs her hair and licks her lips daintily*
Movie star? Oh yes dahhhhlink. I get an IF monster of my own! Gracious me! Whatevah did ah do to deserve such kindness? *bats her lashes*
Feel free to send mah monstah into oblivion dahhhhlink. Ah would be more than grateful!

You keep us posted. Your blog is keeping me sane and is a wonderful source of inspiration! *hugs*

6:05 PM  
Blogger Cibele said...

Congratulations! I was happy to know that you head a heartbeat. That is awesome!!! Hopefully you can leave your worry bag at home sometimes and feel FREE. Have a a Merry Christmas!
PS: DH loves your cartoons also! Thanks for helping get him involved!!!

11:55 AM  

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