Wednesday, September 20, 2006

and i thought the bar exam was frustrating

This is me on the phone with incompetent receptionist after my "injection training".

Let me explain. On the day of our injection training, Husband and I rushed home after work to make it to our training at my clinic's other location, which is about 45 miles from our house. We arrived, after driving in very stressful rush-hour traffic, only to find that incompetent receptionist failed to actually put us on the clinic's appointment calendar. And since they weren't expecting us, my records had not been sent to this location. It was after hours and all the doctors had gone home. And I had no idea what pharmaceuticals I would be using. So, yes, we drove 45 miles in rush hour traffic to injection training for nothing.

The nice nurse there quickly figured out who had botched our appointment because she asked, by name, if incompetent receptionist (let's call her M) was the one who made the appointment for me. I wasn't sure because I didn't know M by name. But I guess I didn't have to know her name - it seemed like Nice Nurse knew for certain it was M. Apparently, other patients and the staff have had to deal with M's lameness.

Oh, but wait, there's more...

M had made another appointment for me at the same time that she had set Husband and I up for injection training, so I asked Nice Nurse to please check if that appointment was at least on the appointment calendar.

And, class, what do you think she found?

You got it -- nothing. Nice Nurse opened the calendar and found that I didn't have that appointment scheduled either. Sure, M had opened the calendar and saw an open time slot for my appointment but then DID NOTHING TO ACTUALLY PUT ME ON THE CALENDAR. And that was the appointment where the nurse would give me my instructions, the schedule, my prescription - basically everything I needed to know in order to start the injectables for this cycle. In other words, it was imperative that I had this appointment before my cycle starts...

... on Sunday.

So, yes, that appointment had been timed perfectly. You know, the appointment that I had made 2 weeks ago...The appointment slot that is now filled...Along with the rest of the calendar for this week.

So, that was me on the phone with the incompetent receptionist telling her to fix her mistake because I was not going to be pushed back a cycle because she couldn't do her job. I felt terrible afterwards because M is a nice person and mistakes do happen. But still.

I was not myself.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my clinic. I still do. Except for M, everyone is competent. And everyone is sweet, caring, and compassionate. Nice Nurse at location #2 and Nice Nurse at location #1 fixed everything for me so that I can still start my next treatment next week as planned. I was so glad that they were there - I was such a mess.

Everyone knows how important timing is when doing these treatments. She could have botched something up that was much more TIME SENSITIVE and couldn't be fixed and then where would I be? Keep in mind, M, that that drawing above is me sans hormones -- just think of that when making any of my IUI or IVF appointments.


Blogger susan said...

oh noooo. i would have gone apeshit too...without having any hormones under my belt. it is stressful enough, dealing with incompetence makes ones blood boil, huh?

i love your drwgs...very cute.

i'm send you good thoughts for your cycle.

11:14 AM  
Blogger gaelen said...

Thanks, Susan.

Yeah, I was beside myself just thinking that I had to wait ANOTHER cycle after having to wait 3 months (because of the timing with my polyp surgery). Glad they took care of it, but it was stressful, let me tell ya.

Hope you got the comments I left on your blog. Just popped in a couple times to see how you were doing and to say hi. The new puppy is adorable.

2:08 PM  

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