Tuesday, September 12, 2006

finally- news to report

Hello my blogging friends!

Sorry-- I have been a bad blogger...but life has been busy (work projects) and yet slow (still infertile!), so there was no time or reason to update.

Anyway, I had my surgery to remove my polyp. And I only had the hysteroscopy and not the lap like I wanted (I figured, I was going to be put out anyway, why not just do a complete tune-up, right?). Doc found a small polyp and nothing else, said my cervix and uterus looked fine and healthy, and that the polyp was benign. Good, right? Fabulous. EXCEPT, given what he found, he felt that the polyp was UNlikely the reason for my infertility. Great. So, my dreams of all of sudden being FERTILE after the surgery were dashed to itty bitty bits. (To be sure, it was still good to remove it because it could have grown into a problem, but I'm nothing if I'm not whining, right?).

My favorite part of my follow up appointment was when Doc showed me the pics of my uterus and polyp and said: "And that's your copy to keep." So, at least we have the photo for this year's Christmas card!

Right now we're on our 2ww because Doc said we could go ahead and try naturally this cycle - although there is nothing natural about me cornering my husband at his computer and saying, "let's do this thing!" He actually got up and ran away and I had to chase him around the house. I was able to catch him, but only after he ran into my booby trap (I dug a deep hole in our living room and covered it with an Ikea area rug).

So, next step: injection training, injections, and IUI.



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